Best TV Shows in 2019

TV Shows

We have witnessed some ground-breaking realities when it comes to TV shows, as content creators and various other platforms take matters to the next extent with every single show or season. So far in 2019, we have seen great TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and a lot more. Some of these concepts have not been dealt with before in television history, making the decision to choose the best a hard one. So, to come to the point, here are some of the best TV shows that we have witnessed so far in 2019.

Barry, HBO

Right from the first season, ‘Barry’ captured imagination at its peak. The story about a hitman wanting to pursue a career in acting showed some classic performances by the cast. Both writing and directing was termed to be a crucial point, as HBO always takes boundaries by storm. Through various episodes, we realised the deeper meaning that the show is moving ahead to offer, as we stayed engaged throughout.


The Act, Hulu

Regardless of the fact that you know the story, you will end up being interested in this phenomenal show. ‘The Act’ offers some top-notch performance and quality that is sure to hit the peak of your imagination. The co-creators and creators went ahead to make a classic show that boosts of some worthy moments in television history.

Chernobyl, HBO

Yes, HBO strikes again. Director Johan Rencks and writer Craig Mazin took the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and brought it up to a level that paved the way for numerous instances of binge-watching. The combination of themes such as horror, political satire and black comedy worked well for the audience and critics were delighted. Unique moments of acting also added the required boost that a TV show of this calibre needed.

Chernobyl, HBO

Stranger Things, Netflix

Unprecedented level of portrayal and performances took “Stranger Things” to the global platform, and everybody started speaking about how cool the TV show is. Be it the sexual tension between Joyce and Hopper or Dustin’s under-pressure Neverending Story duet with a girlfriend that we all assumed never existed; the show took us all by storm. With the hope that things will get better, everyone remains and retains ‘Stranger Things’ in their list of the top ten.

When They See Us, Netflix

‘When They See Us’ is an iconic show that introduced us to the so-called ‘Central Park Five’. Audiences were taken aback by some emotional moments and classic depictions that proved why Netflix can always provide us with variety. The filmmaking, performances and writing were all pitched well into perfection, as we stayed till the end. With a story of this nature, the show proved how the world could imprison us.


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