World’s Most Popular Sports by Fans

World’s Most Popular Sports

People love sports and also have many ways to help ensure that their love for sports remains. There are a lot of sports and a lot of fans who are ready to put these sports ahead of themselves. If you are wondering what are the world’s popular sports by their fan base. Keep reading the article to learn about them.

Association Football

Association football also known as soccer is one of the most popular sport in the world. It is estimated that more than half the world’s population consider themselves a fan of the sport. This ancient sport can be traced back to 2nd century China. This sport today is more popular in Europe and America. This game can be characterized by two team with 11 players each try to drive the ball to reach the goal which is defended by opposite team.

Association Football


It is estimated than there are more that 2.5 billion fans of this sports. This sport was first influenced by the United Kingdom and later was put under the commonwealth countries. In 16th century, cricket was made the national sport of England. This game consists of two teams with 11 players each who try to attempt to make the most scores by running. This game more popular in the former British colonies like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Australia.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey has estimated 2 billion fans and it seems to be growing in popularity everyday. This game is mostly seen to be more prominent in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia. It was first played in 1800s England. This sport is still widely played in countries like India, Australia, Pakistan who have been the champions in the sports. This game is played by two team who are trying to throw the ball inside a net with the aids of two J shaped sticks.

Field Hockey


An estimated 1 billion people are a fan of this sport. There are many different version of this sport that was played by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and France. This game has also seen to be spread all around the world. This game involves a bouncing ball and net and two players with rackets trying to throw the ball back to its opponents.


This game was influenced by the Western European and North America which is estimated to have a fan following of 900 million fans. This sport was invented by William G.Morgan in the year 1895 who was an instructor in the Young Men’s Christian Association. This sport later evolved into what it is today. Today, it is characterized by two teams of 6 players each throwing a ball over the net with the aid of their hands.


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